Community Impact Fund for Solomon Valley

Community Impact Fund for Solomon Valley is an unrestricted community grant fund. The Fund was established by our Founding Donors and supported by other generous donors who have contributed money to the Foundation without restriction. These gifts offer the most flexibility for meeting charitable community needs. Because donations to the fund are permanently endowed, they will always be there to meet current, and often changing, needs.

From this endowed fund, the Foundation Board annually determines and designates the amount of available funding in the form of community grants.

The applications are open to a variety of issues and target populations. However, successful applications are those that will help fulfill the Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life for Mitchell County.

All non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply as well as groups and individuals working on a charitable community project. For-profit organizations will not be considered unless the request is for a charitable project. Grants will be limited to projects within Mitchell County.

All applicants will need to fill out a grant application form through our online grant system.


Helpful Documents
Community Impact Fund for Solomon Valley Grant Guidelines
Grant Making and Due Diligence Policy & Procedure