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Community Foundation exceeds Match Month goal

BELOIT, Kan.— In November, the Solomon Valley Community Foundation had an opportunity to receive matching funds from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation during what is considered ‘Match Month’.

The Foundation is excited to announce that it raised a total of $81,974.44 during their November Match Month campaign. With the $75,000 match from Dane G. Hansen, this will result in $156,974.44 to be invested permanently in endowments that support local area grant-making, the administration of the foundation and more.

“I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but $80,000 wow! It is truly humbling to have the opportunity to live and work in a community that continually comes together to achieve great things”, said SVCF Director Colleen Eberle. “I am excited about the direction our foundation is going, and I am thankful for all of our donors, community leaders, and area non-profits who are helping to expand the scope of our work. The future is bright for Mitchell County, and I look forward to continually growing the role SVCF plays in creating a positive impact within our communities.”

On behalf of the Solomon Valley Community Foundation, a heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this year’s campaign. Such goals could not be accomplished without the support of generous donors and community leaders.