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Solomon Valley Community Foundation awards spring grants

BELOIT, Kan.— During its latest spring grant cycle, the Solomon Valley Community Foundation awarded over $49,000 in grants to 16 projects throughout Mitchell County. The following organizations received funding:

  • City of Beloit, to provide 24/7 educational information signage on the outside of the Lil’ Red Schoolhouse for visitors.
  • Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce, to help fund murals in all seven cities in Mitchell County.
  • City of Tipton, for purchasing of signage for the kiosk, bridge, and trails in Tipton Woods Park.
  • Solomon Valley Summer Camp Inc., for initial costs of obtaining outdoor equipment and supplies, along with staff uniforms for a full-time outdoor summer camp for school aged kids.
  • Mitchell County Historical Society, for a new entry to replace the damaged one on the Mitchell County Historical Society Museum building.
  • Glen Elder Improvement Association, to establish another local youth football program to serve young athletes in the communities of Glen Elder, Cawker City, Tipton, and Downs.
  • Tipton Christian School, Inc., for the purchase of five compound microscopes and five USB adapters to enhance the microscopes.
  • Pawnee Mental Health Services, Inc., to expand the resources that our clinicians use, such as workbooks, therapeutic card decks, in-session exercises, and homework activities.
  • City of Beloit, for the addition of corrugated fence top guard on four of the ball fields at the Beloit Sports Complex.
  • Post Rock Humane Society, to help increase education of pet adoption, along with using funds to spray/neuter stray and abandoned animals.
  • NCK Outdoors Inc., for the planning and design of a destination trail system at Glen Elder State Park.
  • Beloit First Christian Church, to replace current water foundations with fountain/water bottle fillers.
  • John the Baptist Catholic Church/School, for the building of a check-out system for equipment to be borrowed and used to help get youth in the community outdoors.
  • Boniface Catholic Church, for the purchase of 20 new banquet tables for the Silent Auction at the Tipton Picnic.
  • John the Baptist Catholic Church/School, for the creation of a First Aid station at St. John’s Catholic Grade School including a medical bed, storage for supplies, and needed supplies.
  • Beloit Youth Football, Inc., for the addition of a 4th grade level team of 22 players for the 2022 football season.

This round of grants was made possible by the community foundation’s Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund and Community Impact Fund for Solomon Valley.

The foundation’s next grant cycle will open July 1, with applications due August 1, 2022. For more information, visit

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Colleen Eberle, Director, at 785-545-8873 or at