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Foundation Funds

Endowed funds produce charitable income every year and help donors create a legacy of giving.

Supports foundation operations.

  • Solomon Valley Administrative Fund

Provides annual support for specific charities selected by the donor.

  • First Christian Church Missionary Fund
  • Helen L. Marcotte Operating Fund
  • Kent & Kelli Hake Designated Fund
  • The Keith Houghton Family Aviation Fund
  • Leadership Mitchell County Community Service Award Fund
  • The Little Red Schoolhouse Fund
  • St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Beloit, Kansas
  • Scouts of Beloit Kansas Designated Fund
  • Seminary Designated Fund
  • St. John the Baptist Evangelization & Education Fund
  • The Waconda Heritage Village Fund
  • Thomas J. Shaffer Designated Fund

Enables donors to recommend grants to the charitable organizations or programs of their choice.

  • The Betty J. Huffman Fund for Green Mound Cemetery Association
  • The Betty J Huffman Fund for ISIS Shriners
  • Carrico Implement Co., Inc. Fund
  • Cunningham Communications, Inc. Fund
  • Curt & Sherry Frasier Family Donor Advised Fund
  • Farmway Credit Union of Beloit, Lincoln, Mankato & Osborne Fund
  • Douglas & Janet Johnson Family Fund
  • Frank, Lila Maxine & James Louthan for Glasco, KS Donor Advised Fund
  • Frank, Lila Maxine & James Louthan for Simpson, KS Donor Advised Fund
  • Frasier, Johnson & Martin, LLC Fund
  • Guaranty State Bank & Trust Co. Donor Advised Fund
  • Keith & Debra Houghton Donor Advised Fund
  • Max & Michele Heidrick Donor Advised Fund
  • Ringneck Ranch Foundation Donor Advised Fund
  • Our Lady of Good Remedy Fund
  • Tom & Beverly Porter Donor Advised Fund

Enables donors to support a designated cause or geographic area. (e.g. the arts, a specific community, etc.)

  • Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund
  • The Pleasant View Community Fund
  • Solomon Valley Disaster Relief Fund
  • Craig & Lorelle Boxler

Provides annual income for nonprofit organizations in support of their charitable work.

  • First Christian Church of Beloit Fund
  • Glen Elder Friends Church Endowment Fund
  • Heart Choices of Beloit Fund
  • Mitchell County Communities That Care, Inc.
  • Summer Kids Cafe Fund
  • Mitchell County Community Foundation
  • Leadership Mitchell County, Inc. Fund
  • NCK Wellness Center Fund

Scholarship Funds support student education and impact our future leaders.

We offer two different scholarship fund options for donors based on their interest and budget. Designated Scholarship Funds partner with schools and other nonprofits to facilitate the process, whereas the Community Foundation manages the process, start to finish for Traditional Scholarship Funds.

Scholarship Fund Fact Sheet

Current Scholarship Funds- Designated

  • Harold & Eileen Frasier Scholarship Fund
  • The Severance Children's Scholarship Fund

Current Scholarship Funds- Traditional

  • Fine Arts Future Development Scholarship Fund
  • George Hoy Scholarship Fund

Supports foundations community grantmaking.

  • Community Impact Fund for Solomon Valley