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Solomon Valley Community Foundation Celebrates 10 Years

As we embark into 2023, and Solomon Valley Community Foundation's 10-year anniversary, we continue to be inspired by the vision, passion and generosity of the people who are invested in Mitchell County today, along with the efforts of those who came before us.

As you will see throughout the year, we have a lot to celebrate! Ten years of impact. Ten years of philanthropy. Ten years of leadership, vision, passion and commitment from volunteer board members, donors, non-profits, and community leaders.

Every month, throughout 2013 we will be featuring stories from our past in a featured “Looking Back, SVCF 10 Years of Impact” column. We hope you will join us as we celebrate milestones, revisit past grant awards, and honor those who have made the commitment to create a lasting legacy that will forever impact the lives of those who choose to call Mitchell County their home.

Our Founding Donors, early fundholders and original board members truly paved the way for us. The ripple effect of the decisions they  made ten years ago will forever carry on. Join us as we celebrate those who forged the path and those who continue to offer up their time, money, and talents to keep us moving forward.

Cheers to 10 Years!

Solomon Valley Advisory Board