SVCF honors donors and rolls out new logo

On Sunday, April 16th SVCF hosted donors, board members and friends during their 10 year donor appreciation dinner held at Prairie Ridge Barn in Glen Elder, KS. The evening included special music by Ariana Armstrong and Rebecca Finney, dinner catered by Big T’s Diner & Catering, and featured speaker Betsy Wearing from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

Since its inception in 2013, SVCF has grown to over $7 million in assets, which has allowed for over $3.6 million dollars in donor directed grants, bi-annual grants, and scholarships. “We really just wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate and thank our donors,” explained Director of Donor Relations & Comm. Initiatives Julia Rabe. She went on to say, “Their generosity and love for our communities not only allows us to meet current needs, but because of the power of endowment they will impact those living in Mitchell County 20, 30, even 100 years from now. It’s really remarkable and we want them to know how special their gifts truly are.”

SVCF also utilized the celebration as an opportunity to unveil their new logo and branding. “Our board has taken the 10 year anniversary as an opportunity to reflect not only on the origins and growth of the foundation, but also the vision and dreams for the future,” explained Director Colleen Eberle. She went on to say, “We landed on the tagline Planting seeds today, for the generations of tomorrow because really at the core of it all, that is our purpose. Those seeds can be gifts, seeds of leadership, or support and growth for non-profits, schools, and community organizations; the transformation a small seed can have is very reflective of how we want to impact the communities of Mitchell County.” Solomon Valley Community Foundation’s new logo features a large stoic tree, representing tradition, strength, connection and growth.

For more information on Solomon Valley Community Foundation, or to follow along with their monthly 10 Year Anniversary Articles, visit or contact Julia Rabe at