News Release

SVCF surpasses $1M in total grants and scholarships

By the beginning of 2019, Solomon Valley Community Foundation had grown to almost $2.9 million. It was also during this year that SVCF surpassed $1M in grants and scholarships for a total of $1,002,659.51.

At this point in the foundation’s history the board took the opportunity to think strategically about the organization and how they could continue to grow their impact within the community. A board retreat was held to brainstorm ideas and evaluate the potential impact and ease of implementing concepts surrounding potential staff, partnership opportunities, donor meetings and more. In May of that year, the board expanded the Foundation’s capacity by welcoming Colleen Eberle as a part-time Executive Director. That July, they also increased the board’s capacity and welcomed Kelli Hake of Tipton and Margaret Moore, of Beloit as the newest additions to the Board.

Many of the ideas discussed in that original visioning are still being implemented today. Solomon Valley Community Foundation continues to grow it’s capacity, most recently with the addition of Julia Rabe as the new Executive Director, and consequently it’s ability to better serve the communities, donors and non-profits of Mitchell County.


The grant that pushed the organization over the $1M hump was a $4,000 grant to Pawnee Mental Health Services, Inc. for the sponsorship of 10 Mitchell County children to attend S.T.A.R.S. Camp.