Solomon Valley Historical Society

Updates to the MC Historical Society

Mitchell Historical Society

In 2016, the Michell County Historical Society started renovating the bar area of the old American Legion building for use as a fine arts area, office space and early learning area. The walls in the building have been moved, electrical work done and a new HVAC was installed.

With the Solomon Valley Community Foundation’s support, the historical society was able to purchase materials for flooring and trim that was installed in the fine arts and early learning area of the new museum complex. “Through many donated hours from skilled artists, the fine arts area was transformed into a piece of art itself. Artists utilized artifacts from other entities that were donated to the museum,” said grantee Kyle Peterson.

Peterson mentioned that the progress of the fine arts area has motivated others to work on other parts of the building, “It has pushed donors and volunteers to finish the office areas and the historical library. The MCHS board and membership is very excited to start moving displays to the new museum this next year.”