Waconda Springs Viewfinder

Waconda Cultural Association

Visitors will now be able to enjoy views of the Waconda Springs Replica through a viewfinder along the bluffs of Glen Elder State Park. In the spring of 2019, the Waconda Cultural Association received a $3,545 grant from the community foundation’s Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund to purchase a viewfinder, directional signage and a floating buoy to mark the location of the original Waconda Springs.

“Purchasing the viewfinder would not have been possible without this grant. It is an important part of giving visitors and residents a way to appreciate the Waconda Lake and Glen Elder State Park as an important part of Kansas history,” said grantee Lucille Heller. The historical buoy is a visual answer to one of the most asked questions, “Where is Waconda Springs?” and will serve as a new destination for those boating the lake. Hikers along the bluff can also use the viewfinder to discover the location of the springs next to the original channel of the Solomon River.